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DMVNXS is on a mission to help local businesses grow in a post pandemic landscape. We look to service our customers by listing our clients in our directory, leveraging our community events calendar, and creating a coupon book. We are specifically located in the DC, Maryland, Virginia Metropolitan area.


DMVNXS is just starting and looking to expand their ability to serve their customers.

Celebrating Community Commerce

Our DMVNXS Family is an urban multicultural audience, that is digitally/socially connected with the latest trends, while improving upon the lifestyle they aspire to. These people are passionate about investing not only within themselves, but also within the community to which they live. And not only are they currently making the decisions that will shape their purchases and choices, they are active in influencing the choices of others within their community circle on everything from autos to health to food and every other area of life that matters to our viewers.

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