DMVNXS Marketplace's primary emphasis is to provide its readers up-to-date information covering Auto, Business, Style, Technology, Home Decor, and Travel. This website is targeted to those who are serious about living life, and saving money in their shopping pursuits as well as a forum for advertisers to reach this select audience. 

For Example: You're glancing through your DMVNXS Marketplace for a friend's birthday and the restaurant ad reminds you of a great deal for dinner, the big sale coupon from Tom's Modern Art reminds you of the perfect gift, and the limo car service could provide your friend round trip service for a night on the town. 


Our mission is to connect local business that have great products and services, with consumers looking for quality resources and valuable discounts in Washington, DC; Maryland, and Virginia.


To be the only online media website maintaining a presence, educating, and reporting the best of the best within the Washington Metropolitan area.

Happy Family

Celebrating Community Commerce

Our DMVNXS Family is an urban multicultural audience, that is digitally/socially connected with the latest trends, while improving upon the lifestyle they aspire to. These people are passionate about investing not only within themselves, but also within the community to which they live. And not only are they currently making the decisions that will shape their purchases and choices, they are active in influencing the choices of others within their community circle on everything from autos to health to food and every other area of life that matters to our viewers.

Benefits of Shopping Local

Create Jobs and Opportunities
Strengthen Our Local Economy
Give Back to Our Community

Not only do independent businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue, they also are the customers of local printers, accountants, wholesalers, farms, attorneys, etc., expanding opportunities for local entrepreneurs. 


Each dollar you spend at independent businesses returns 3 times more money to our local economy than one spent at a chain (almost 50 times more than buying from an online mega-retailer) — a benefit we all can bank on.

Small businesses deliver community character and economic advantages to the DMV area. They also strengthen partnerships among neighbors, residents, other small business owners, community leaders and even schools by offering social and economic relationships. Many also support local causes, creating even more good within our community.