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Steven Drakes


Steven Paul Drakes is a talented singer, song-writer, super producer and master harmonizer whose music is influenced my many different genres. It’s for this reason he decided his music does not fit into any of today’s conventional genres. Therefore, he has started a new one. Neo Rock ‘n Soul. When you listen to his sound, I think you’ll agree. Steven Drakes, DRAKES, as he’s known, was born in N.E. Washington, D.C., where his father, an aspiring artist himself, enrolled him in piano lessons at the age of five. He can remember even at that early age, that these lessons were what he looked forward to most. He would continue experimenting with music though his early childhood and teenage years, writing over one hundred songs for many different genres, including R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Alternative, Blues and Classical. As his thirst for musical creativity grew, he began producing, and found it easy to put together great tracks that complimented his versatile style and sound. In 1998, DRAKES enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served his country for 5 years, while maintaining and improving his craft. Upon departing the military, he embarked on a mission to get his music out to the masses. Along the way, he partnered with Carl Rushing, owner of Gemstar Pro Studios. Since then, he’s been able to produce, harmonize, write and sing hooks for many artists, Including himself. In the summer of 2008, DRAKES competed to perform in the "Scion Summer Soul Fest", in which one of the judges stated, "This dude shouldn't even be in this competition. He's way ahead of the other artists". He went on to perform at the Fest, which was held at the 930 Club in Washington, D.C., and hasn't looked back since. His fan base continues to grow, reaching a broad demographic of "real music lovers". Now he feels it’s his time for the world to know about all of his projects and let the public hear exactly what his SONG is all about.

King RodeoSteven Drakes
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Slow DownSteven Drakes
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Best FriendSteven Drakes
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