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Shopping and Retail with DMVNXS

Now more than ever, locally owned shopping and retail businesses in DC, Maryland, and Virginia are presented with an unprecedented opportunity for growth and increased engagement with the local community.

During the pandemic, much local shopping and retail businesses struggled to keep up in a sector increasingly dominated by online giants like Amazon. Tourism, which drove up the profits of many local retail stores, ceased to be an option for a profit. Luckily, one side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge increase in shoppers who want to spend their money locally.

This means there is currently a huge opportunity for shopping and retail businesses to get back on their feet. But as any small business owner knows, getting the word out to the community about your business is extremely difficult.

This is where DMVNXS comes in. DMVNXS’ mission is to encourage shoppers to support local businesses to strengthen the DMV area's economy. With the DMVNXS online marketplace, shoppers are connected to local retail and shopping businesses on a massive scale. DMVNXS also provides events, coupon books, and advertising.

Local Shopping and Retail Partners on the DMVNXS Online Marketplace

The DMVNXS online marketplace has a special category dedicated to locally owned retail and shopping establishments. Shoppers know that any business in this category offers high-quality products with friendly service.

Some of the partners listed under this category include men’s and women’s fashion brands, formal wear, athleisure, gifts and home goods, decorative and festive stores, and more. Also listed are stores specializing in seasonal wear, such as winter wear and summer wear, as well as thrift, consignment, and discount stores.

How the Post-COVID Landscape Presents Growth Opportunities for Locally Owned Shopping and Retail Businesses

Many local shopping and retail businesses make equal amounts of their money from local shoppers and tourists. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions meant that tourism largely ceased in the DMV area. This meant that many local retail and shopping businesses struggled to make ends meet.

What’s more, local shoppers who were encouraged to stay at home often switched from local stores to online retail giants like Amazon. This further exacerbated the problems facing local DMV-based retail and shopping businesses.

However, one silver lining of the pandemic is that it fostered a movement among many to shopping local. As residents watched their favorite locally owned businesses struggle during the pandemic, they decided to reinvest their dollars locally.

Because of this, the post-pandemic landscape presents a fantastic opportunity for local retail businesses to reach out to new sets of customers who are eager to support their operations. But, reaching out to these potential clients can be extremely difficult when going up against out-of-town businesses with much larger online presences.

DMVNXS is the solution to help your local retail and shopping business connect to more customers and foster more community engagement than ever before.

Connect to Local Customers with DMVNXS

The DMVNXS online marketplace exists to connect local businesses to customers. By listing your retail business online with DMVNXS, you can take advantage of DMVNXS’ huge customer base. Our customers use the site specifically to look for local businesses to support.

In addition, DMVNXS helps local retail and shopping businesses grow through coupon books that encourage shoppers to choose certain stores and community-based events. DMVNXS also offers advertising help with a team of trained photographers and designers.


During the pandemic, many local retail and shopping businesses in the DMV area struggled to keep up with retail giants who offered more online options. In the post-pandemic landscape, more and more people are deciding that they want to help support local businesses and rebuild local economies.

With DMVNXS, your local retail business can take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to more customers than ever before. To list your business on the DMVNXS online marketplace, visit today.


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