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Accounting and Tax Services with DMVNXS

If you have a small business in the accounting and tax services industries, you know the difficulty of reaching out to customers better than most. Everyone needs notaries, payroll services, and tax prep, but such businesses often struggle to find exposure in local or national marketplaces.

In the post COVID-19 marketplace, local accounting and tax service businesses in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area need all the help that they can get with exposure, marketing, and customer loyalty/growth. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers took their financial and tax business to online-based large corporations. As COVID wanes, an opportunity presents itself for small local tax and financial businesses to take back many of the customers that they lost during the pandemic.

This is where DMVNXS comes in. DMVNXS’ mission is to partner with local businesses in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area to create an online marketplace that encourages customers to support locally owned businesses through an online directory and various planned events. This then strengthens the local economy. DMVNXS has a special category dedicated to accounting and tax services.

With DMVNXS, your accounting and tax services business can reach out to new customers and offer them special deals, coupons, and incentives for deciding to shop locally.

Accounting and Tax Services Listed With DMVNXS

The DMVNXS online marketplace welcomes a wide variety of accounting and tax services related businesses. On the accounting side, DMVNXS welcomes financial planners, notaries, bookkeepers, financial consultants, and more.

DMVNXS also has categories for all kinds of tax prep, such as corporate, federal, state, and income tax preparation businesses.

COVID-19 and the Struggle for Exposure of Local Accounting and Tax Businesses

In the last few decades, the rise of large-scale online tax companies and financial related companies like Turbotax, Charles Schwab, and others has seen a decline in the business of local, small scale financial service companies.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly exasperated this trend. As more and more people were encouraged to stay home, they switched their tax and financial needs from in-person local businesses to large scale multinational corporations with a much larger and exposed online presence.

In the post COVID-19 marketplace, local accounting and tax businesses are presented with the unique opportunity to take back customers and provide them with higher quality and more personalized service than the larger online based companies that many customers switched to during the pandemic.

However, this task is impossible without proper online exposure. Many financial and tax companies are extremely small, some even only consisting of one employee. Because of this, chances are that your accounting or tax business doesn’t have the advertising budget to foster an online footprint large enough to keep up with the competition.

How DMVNXS Can Connect Your Tax or Financial Business to More Customers

DMVNXS can help bridge the gap between large-scale financial corporations with much greater exposure and your smaller local finance business. Through the online marketplace, DMVNXS helps foster a love of shopping locally and supporting small businesses. With DMVNXS, your tax and finance business will be advertised specifically to a class of people who are more apt to choose your local business over an online based national one.

Beyond just being listed in a directory and advertised, DMVNXS offers tax and accounting services the opportunity to participate in community events and coupon books to further attract customers.


Above all, DMVNXS provides a much-needed boost of exposure for local tax and accounting businesses. In the post COVID-19 marketplace, this is vital to help these businesses recover some of the customers that they lost to online giants during the pandemic.

If your business is interested in expanding its reach with DMVNXS, visit to add your business information and get started reaching local customers with DMVNXS.


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