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Entertainment with DMVNXS

During the COVID-19 pandemic, locally owned entertainment businesses like movie theaters, escape rooms, and museums in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas all fell on hard times due to the impossibility of many of their traditional forms of business to operate with strict lockdowns.

But, now that COVID-19 is letting up, entertainment businesses in the DMV area are presented with a huge opportunity. Not only are people now allowed to return in full to many of these companies, but the COVID pandemic also spawned a love of shopping local.

This opportunity for growth has the power to save many entertainment businesses hit hard by COVID. But, limited profit during COVID means that many such companies lack the resources to foster enough exposure to fully take advantage of this opportunity.

This is where DMVNXS comes in. The DMVNXS mission is to partner with local businesses to increase their exposure through the online marketplace, which lists only locally owned companies and their information. This then helps foster community engagement and strengthens the local DMV economy.

Listing your local entertainment business on the DMVNXS online marketplace can help you grow your business by taking advantage of our online listings, in-house advertising help, community events, and coupon books.

Entertainment Organizations Listed on the DMVNXS Online Marketplace

The DMVNXS online marketplace has a special category devoted to entertainment and community engagement organizations. When local shoppers go on the DMVNXS marketplace, they can find information and listings about all different types of locally owned entertainment businesses in the DMV area.

Some of the most common listings in the entertainment section include escape rooms, museums, movie theaters, play theaters, city tours, open mic nights, tastings and experiences, historical monuments, and more. Learn here.

The Post-COVID Opportunity for DMV Entertainment Businesses

During COVID-19, entertainment businesses in the DMV area struggled due to the impossibility of continuing their forms of business. Movie theaters, escape rooms, museums, and more all found themselves no longer allowed to invite guests into their businesses. Even when some lockdowns were lifted, reduced capacities meant reduced profits for entertainment businesses.

Luckily, many COVID-era restrictions are now being eased. This presents two growth opportunities for local entertainment businesses. Consumers are more eager than ever to take advantage of entertainment-type businesses. This is mainly because people have received stimulus checks and have money to spend. They also essentially sat at home bored for two years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also fostered a love of local shopping in many DMV consumers. This means that they are more likely to choose your locally owned entertainment business over a nationally owned chain. Consumers grew tired of watching local businesses suffer during the pandemic.

But, local entertainment businesses can only take advantage of these opportunities if they can market to local customers eager to spend money on local businesses. This is where DMVNXS can help your business transform its outlook.

How DMVNXS Connects Local Entertainment Businesses to More Customers

DMVNXS connects customers to your local entertainment business chiefly through the online marketplace. Here, your business won’t have to compete with national chains because DMVNXS only lists locally owned businesses in the DMV area.

In addition, DMVNXS offers sponsored events that leverage community interest in your company. This is especially pertinent to entertainment companies, who often make the majority of their revenue off of events. DMVNXS also offers coupon books, perfect for getting consumers to try your entertainment business.

DMVNXS also offers help with advertising through an in-house team of photographers, designers, producers, and more.


If your entertainment business is interested in taking full advantage of the opportunities presented now that the COVID-19 pandemic is waning, don’t hesitate to sign up for the DMVNXS online marketplace today. To sign up and list your company info with DMVNXS, visit today.


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