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Post COVID-19 Marketing for Your Business

As challenging as times have been, a unique opportunity is available for small businesses to emerge stronger than ever before. By effectively communicating their products/services and commitment to the Washington metropolitan area, companies can help themselves and their consumers rapidly adjust to the new normal.

Leadership in the Community

If you have donated money, goods, or services to COVID-19 relief causes, let your community know you are working behind the scenes. Consumers will appreciate your care and service.

Exposure through Online Marketing

DMVNXS Online Marketplace helps local businesses connect with customers and double or triple their loyalty. By utilizing our marketing and advertising solutions, consumers will know that you are prepared and open for business. They will patronize your businesses because you still have the products and services that define their community, culture and lifestyle in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Put Your Advertising Dollars to Work Today

DMVNXS can help to create and design the perfect eye-catching ad for your business, by giving it greater visibility and impact.

Our aim is to provide a service where an open exchange of ideas allows us to find and create marketing solutions that work well for you.

We offer a full range of professional advertising and marketing services, from developing your promotional materials, to photography, and product imaging; from commercial printing, custom type, and graphic design to the finished printed piece.

Our in house team of photographers, graphic designers, production artists, computer and desk-top staff are available to share their expertise, offer advice and develop creative ideas to help you successfully communicate your product or service.

For local businesses interested in this opportunity, visit us at and schedule an appointment with our Account Executives so we can better understand your business, determine if you are a good fit for our online marketplace and provide some potential solutions for your business.


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