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The DMV is Open for Business

While celebrating community commerce within the DMV area, DMVNXS' goal is to provide excellent fellowshipping/networking opportunities. We will host a variety of events throughout the year including luncheons for women, Business to Consumer’s Directory seminars, industry and trade gatherings, golf tournaments and home shows.

The DMV's economic well-being is directly related to its caliber of marketing. This is why DMVNXS will have a positive impact on business, income and the future growth of the communities we serve.

DMVNXS joyously provides its advertisers with opportunities to sustain a positive impact on the business community as well as to be part of an insightful, culturally aware dual audience of cosmopolitan readers and many business networks. It gives consumers a positive perception of your business, while providing opportunities for networking and value added discounts.

Creating a public image in the community invites the community to experience your business in a more informative and personal way. Consumers become involved with you when you become involved with them. Connecting with your consumers establishes trust in you, your company and your product. It enhances the connection with the community, promotes your business, and increases commerce.



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