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Achieve an Active Post-COVID Lifestyle

For many in the DMV area, COVID-19 meant a dramatic lifestyle change. But in a post-COVID world, you can begin the journey to a healthier, active life once again. Follow these tips and tricks to achieve wellness post-COVID!

1. Visit Gyms and Fitness Areas

DMV reopenings have begun in all three areas. For DC, Maryland, and Virginia residents, you can now visit your local gyms and fitness centers once again with some limited capacity and restrictions depending on the business.

Visiting your local gym or fitness center is a great way to achieve post-COVID wellness after a long stretch of being restricted to at-home or reduced exercise! Check out your local fitness centers and gyms to see their restrictions and re-opening policies.

2. Change to a More Nutritional Diet

You may have experienced diet changes during COVID-19. With restrictions in place, it was difficult to buy many of the typical healthy DMV area products. For others, stress was a huge factor and resulted in a bad diet or eating habits.

Returning to your pre-COVID lifestyle requires that you maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. This includes:

  • Drinking lots of water

  • Eating a well-balanced diet

  • Staying away from too much snacking

Changing your lifestyle to make healthier diet choices may be hard at first, but is important for your post-COVID wellness. Visit local markets and health stores to find fresh veggies, fruit, and other nutritious food to boost your diet!

3. Ease into Exercise

If you experienced a change in your exercise routine or caught COVID-19, it’s important that you don’t jump right back into rigorous workouts. After close to a year of limited exercise or being sick, your body may not be what it used to be.

Daily exercise is important to keep your body healthy, but don’t push yourself too far. Figure out your limits and work around any lasting limitations you may have from the disease. As you begin to enjoy exercise and fitness once again, you’ll be able to work up to where you were pre-COVID.

4. Experience the Outdoors

To help your body be prepared to fight off germs and bacteria, it’s important that you get as much time in the sun as possible. Spending time outdoors increases your body’s levels of Vitamin D and other important immune system nutrients.

With DMV reopenings, you now have the opportunity to experience outdoor events, public parks, and swimming pools once again. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

5. Keep Tabs on Your Mental Health

Part of staying healthy post-COVID is taking care of your mental health, as well. COVID-19 was hard on all of us. Stress is a bigger factor in many of our lives today where it wasn’t before.

Practicing meditation, enjoying relaxing activities, and visiting a therapist can help you maintain your mental health post-COVID.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Staying active, eating a nutritional diet, and taking care of your body is important for overall wellness. It’s important that you work on a healthier lifestyle post-COVID. Visit DMVNXS to learn about local DMV fitness centers, gyms, and health stores today to achieve a healthy lifestyle post-pandemic.


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