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Stay Fresh with These DMV Summer Trends

Summer is coming, and fast. The DMV area is home to some of the best fashion and beauty trends. With so many post-COVID reopenings happening, it’s important that you stay up to date with this summer’s trends and styles. Check out these five DMV summer trends!

Embrace Comfy Casual

Good news for everyone who is used to lounging inside in their sweatpants or pajamas: comfy casual is all the rage for summer 2021. While sweatpants were once considered entirely unfashionable, one of the most popular rising DMV summer trends is wearing comfy casual clothes.

Celebrities like Skai Jackson and Hailey Bieber have been spotted sporting comfy casual matching sweatsuits in public. Other trendy fashion choices include:

  • Trendy joggers and leggings

  • Matching sweatsuits

  • Brand-name athleisure

Time-Travel to Y2K

Y2K fashion is back! One of the most popular beauty and fashion trends in the younger generation right now is Y2K styles. Butterfly clips, miniskirts, strappy dresses, and bright colors are all back in style. Dig through your wardrobe, go thrifting, or visit local shops for inspiration!

Let Go of the Side Part

Side parts are out, middle parts are in. Current fashion trends aren’t singular to clothing alone. Post-COVID trendiness includes beauty routines as well. Popularized by Gen-Z fashionistas and beauty bloggers, the 90s-staple middle part is now back and trending.

As you get back out and about with DMV area reopenings, make sure to join in on this beauty trend and part your hair down the middle instead of to the side!

Explore Minimalist Trends

One current fashion trend that allows for a more elegant, sophisticated look is minimalism. As you experience the DMV area once again this summer, you’ll be sure to see monotone colors, black-and-white, and simple outfits.

Minimalism is an easy way to stay trendy without having to experiment. The trend is comprised of choices such as:

  • Black-and-white looks. With minimalism, you should stay away from bright colors, eccentric patterns, and crazy silhouettes.

  • Button-ups and simple bottoms. One easy way to maintain the minimalistic look is to pair a plain button-up with a simple pair of bottoms, such as linen pants or a good pair of jeans.

  • Monotone outfits. Monotone outfits are great if you’re looking for some variation. Your shirt, pants, shoes, and accessories can be different colors, as long as they’re the same tone.

Try Your Hand at Standing Out

Now that you’re no longer just dressing for a Zoom meeting, you have the chance to experiment with statement items. Crazy patterns, metallic material, eclectic silhouettes, and fun skirts are all sure to be seen in the DMV area this summer. Try your hand at experimenting with your clothing and stay on trend all summer long.

Visit DMV Shops to Boost Your Summer Style

With post-COVID reopenings, you get the chance to flaunt your style this summer once again. With these five trends in mind, you can stay trendy and fashionable. Stay on top of all this year’s summer trends by buying from local DMV beauty and fashion shops. Visit DMVNXS to learn more about the area today!


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