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30 Minutes or Less is All You Need in the DMV

DMV, which is the popular acronym used for DC/Maryland/Virginia encompasses numerous cultural attractions, theaters, restaurants, and plenty of nightlife venues. The DMV is also an area where many people relocate in search of lucrative careers in the state, federal, and/or private sectors of government. The opportunities in the DMV area are endless from tourism to running your own business, which is why so many people are drawn to this area. When I first moved to Maryland, the area reminded me of the many times I would visit Brooklyn or Manhattan. The hustle and bustle of making it big embodies many of the residents and non-residents of the DMV.

Moving from a small country area like High Point, North Carolina to the Maryland area, I learned quickly that my normal method of personal training may not work for all individuals in this area. I mean, not everyone has time to work out for an hour or more when they work 60+ hours a week building an empire, or providing for their families. Some people do, but many potential clients don’t. Teachers whose main focus is teaching our future leaders throughout the day, and grading papers at night, do they have an hour to spare? Me being a trainer that has dedicated my life to sacrifice for health and fitness would say yes, but not everyone is where I am, so in that case I would say probably not.

What about Shorter Workouts?

Workouts regiments ranging from 10 – 30 minutes a day. A routine that gives people the ability to still work on their fitness goals without sacrificing an hour or more in the gym, and an additional hour in traffic getting to and from the gym. The question of the day are short workout regiments just as effective as an hour routine? If you answered no I would have to disagree. With the right intensity, 100 percent effort, and a well-designed routine layout a 10-30 minute routine is just as effective as an hour routine. Many people would question the efficiency of a short routine. Will I lose weight when the norm has always been at least an hour? Numerous studies were conducted on this topic, and many of them yield positive results. In one study researchers followed 60 overweight men were evenly split up into a 60-minute aerobic group, and a 30-minute aerobic group for 13 weeks (Warner, 2012). At the end of the 13 weeks, the men who exercised for only 30 minutes a day lost an average of 2lbs more than those who worked out for an hour (Warner, 2012). The men that worked out for only 30 minutes/day burned more calories than expected. Based on these findings, doesn’t seem like the extra 30 minutes of exercise is even needed.

You can definitely lose weight in 30 minutes or less, but again it takes effort, and an intense program. There are different methods of programs such as Tabitha, HIIT, circuit training, supersets, and/or combinations of two depending on the time prescribed each day that do range from 8-30 minutes and believe me the 8-minute routine is just as effective as a 30 minute or hour routine. Studies have confirmed that HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, effectively improve cardiovascular fitness better than moderate intensity workout that last an hour or more (Barker, 2018).

One of my goals in this fitness industry is to always meet my clients where they are and implement methods and tools to get them where they’re destine to be. One of the methods that I’ve implemented was creating routines that are effective and short based on the clients availability ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day. I took the term quality over quantity, and implemented a program based on that formula. I noticed a big problem in the DMV as it pertains to exercise, and that people just can’t find the time, so I created programs that are just as effective that can be conducted in a blink of an eye. Still don’t believe, here’s a simple circuit routine that can be done every day, no equipment needed. I challenge you try it, commit to 20 minute a day for a month and you will feel stronger, healthier, faster, and look better than you did before you started.

5-6 Circuits

Each Move for 30 seconds/ 30 second break in between circuits

  1. Burpees :30

  2. Squats :30

  3. High Knees :30

  4. Push ups :30

  5. Body dips :30

  6. Planks :30

:30 break


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