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The Shop Local DMV Movement

Why shop local? Small businesses are the force that holds the economy together. More people are employed by small businesses than in any other sector. When you shop locally you support our community. 

Impacting Our Community

Creates Jobs

Strengthens Economy

Provides Resources

Promotes Growth

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Helping Small Businesses

DC, Maryland, Virginia 

Our business listings feature basic business information such as: your company's name, address, phone number, website/social media links and detailed descriptions about what makes your brand unique.

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Exclusive Products

Grand Opening Board

A list of our local business partners in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Join the Movement

Join The Movement
Business Owner in Workshop

Advertise With Us

Showcase your business in our local business directory.

Couple Window Shopping

Become a Supporter

Shop Local, Buy Products and Support Our Community

Working Together on Project

Partner With Us

Collaborate, Share & Grow. 

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