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Photo Studio

10 Essential Types of Images

  • Dimension: The minimum width we recommend for photos is 1200px, but the bigger the better. The ideal is a width of 2000px.

  • Subject: For organization photos, we recommend sharing photos of your facilities, your staff, process shots of your operations, and anything else that brings your story to life. For product photos, we recommend sharing several variations – close-ups to show detail, group shots with clusters of your product, pre-harvest shots of the product being grown, and process shots of post-harvest treatment and/or processing.

  • Lighting: Make sure your subject is well lit. Natural daylight is best, especially during the “golden hours” shortly after sunrise and before sunset. Avoid using flash, as this usually causes glare and shadow.

  • Focus: It’s important that your photos are sharp and in focus. Blurry photos can be caused by a dirty lens, insufficient lighting, and improper camera settings.

  • Composition: Position your subject carefully in the frame – not so close that you cut it off, and not so far that it’s too small.  We suggest sharing a combination of product-only photos (typically with white backgrounds) and in-context photos (also known as lifestyle photos) that show the product in use.

  • Description: Though it’s optional, we highly recommend adding descriptions of your images to clarify who and/or what is being represented.

Young Business Owner

Banner Image

This is the image at the top of your profile page, and will also be used for your profile preview.

• Photo should be 1200px wide or larger. • Choose a horizontally oriented image 
• A photo of nature generally works much better than of your products

Checking the news online


Upload at least 1 video for a stellar profile!

• mp4 format

YouTube links preferred

• Natural light and high resolution images are always best. 

Cosmetic Products

Product Images

Upload at least 3 photos for your profile to look its best.

• Photos should be 1200px wide or larger. 
• If product is a Consumer Packaged Good, photos should show front and back of package, as well as contents.

Computer Store Front


Wide Or Overhead Shot

Take a picture overlooking you business or production facility. You could use a nearby building, and/or mountain as a vantage point, a drone if you have access to one, or simply take as wide of a shot as you can from the ground.

This photo helps to establish a sense of place for the viewer.

Barber Portrait


Individual Portraits Of Owners

Take some candid portraits of the owners or workers, preferably in a natural environment. It is always nicer if you can encourage the subjects to smile.


Group Shot Of Employees Together

Gather your owners, employees and team members and take a simple group photo, with or without the product/service. 

Casual Business Meeting


Individual Portraits Of An Owner Holding Product

These photos are almost always a winner, as they combine the people who make your product with the product itself–in other words, the two most interesting subjects. Ideally use the farm or actual production location as a background.

Buying Pottery
Shaving with Razor


Owners Or Employees In Action

Capture some shots of the business owners or employees carrying out their daily tasks and more. Some can be “fly on the wall” shots, but you can also ask the owner to turn to you and smile while they are working.


Close-up Of Owner In Action 

Details such as producer hands performing an essential task go a long way to telling the story.

Car Mechanic
Local Shop


Medium Shots Of The Business and/or production facility

Give the viewer a sense of business location, including the offices, and services. These shots can be taken with or without people.


Close ups of the product

Try to capture a sharp picture of the important details of your product. Use natural light, and ideally arrange the product on a natural background such as earth, wood, or leaves. White backgrounds tend to look more generic, so avoid if possible so your products stand out from the crowd.

Protein Products
Sanitizing Products

Group Shot Of Various
Products Together

If you focus on more than one product, a photo of the various products together can help the viewer get a sense of the breadth of your operations.


Processing / Equipment


Show the viewer how it works by including images of fermentation, cleaning, chopping, drying, sorting, packaging, etc.

Car Factory
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