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Take Full Advantage of Summertime in DMV with DMVNXS

For both consumers and local business owners, summertime in the DMV area provides excellent growth and sales opportunities. But, as any small business owner knows, one of the hardest parts of taking advantage of summertime sales is finding and maintaining a stable client base.

This is true for both consumers and business owners. The hardest part about shopping local is finding the best places -- in the microcosm that is DC, Maryland, and Virginia, it can be difficult to shift through thousands of businesses to find exactly what you need.

DMVNXS offers a comprehensive solution to this. By creating an online directory of local businesses in the DMV area, the DMVNXS Marketplace allows consumers to take full advantage of the bounties of the DMV area through shopping local while also allowing small-business owners to connect with their local communities on a never-before-seen scale.

Shop Local DMV

For consumers, the DMVNXS Marketplace provides a database that makes supporting your community through shopping locally easier than ever before. By joining, consumers can search by topic or view lists of various businesses in nearly any category. DMVNXS can help consumers find local solutions for everything ranging from restaurants to artisanal products.

Why Shop Local in the Summer?

In the post COVID-19 world, keeping your shopping local is vital for the well-being of our communities. Because of the COVID pandemic, many local businesses in the DMV area that relied on sales to tourists have struggled to find business. This is especially true for the summer months when most tourists come to the DMV area.

Whenever you choose to shop locally through DMVNXS, your money goes right back into the community you live in. This is vital for the growth and well-being of the DMV area. When you shop locally, you encourage local businesses to expand and stimulate the local economy, with many far-reaching effects. Local small business owners often offer better quality inventory than bigger chain stores, and shopping locally in the DMV area can help foster a relationship with a local business.

How Does DMVNXS Help Small Business Owners?

For small business owners, DMVNXS provides a new way to attract local clientele in the post-COVID market. By visiting the DMVNXS Marketplace, consumers can learn about your business and products and choose to come to support you.

As tourism starts to ramp back up for the summer months, the DMVNXS Marketplace provides an avenue for out-of-town visitors to learn about local shops and businesses. Tourists who come to the DMV area do so because they want to share in the bounties of our land, not shop at large chain stores. As a small business owner, joining the DMVNXS Marketplace can empower your business by helping you sustain a larger client base.


Both consumers and local business owners can benefit from taking advantage of DMVNXS. As the summer months approach, local artisans are at the peak of producing their products. Using the DMVNXS Marketplace as a consumer or small business owner as summer approaches are the best way to empower small business owners and help our local communities thrive.

For consumers to take part in the DMVNXS Marketplace, visit the DMVNXS Online Marketplace. If you own a small business and are interested in using the DMVNXS marketplace to reach out to clients, visit


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