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The Trick Is Seasoning

Add different variations of seasonings to your beans and I guarantee you, you will thank me later.

Check this out, I can go grocery shopping at Trader Joes and purchase grocery items and produce a meal for 5 people for under $20. Trust me. It’s not as expensive as people think, the store may not be right next door and may take you out of your way 20-30 minutes but it’s WORTH every mile. Don’t listen to the hype and don’t cheat your stomach.

I Picked Your Brain Again

I know you are wondering what upscale or low end restaurants are in the DMV, that cater to your family or significant other for a treat, or maybe for a random date day or date night?

I am glad you asked again. In Vienna, Virginia, there is the Sunflower, that has been around for years. Another great spot that has delicious dishes and a quick turnaround the moment you sit down and place your order is, Yuan Fu Vegetarian located in Rockville.

Let us not forget my forever spot, “The Cheesecake Factory”, they have a ton of vegetarian options like their zucchini fries, eggplant parmesan, avocado eggrolls and they used to carry a tasty kale salad, but I will say this, “the moment they start selling vegan cheesecakes and they taste as good as the real deal cheesecakes, they WILL take over the market”.

The next spot I have to highlight, when I go out especially for a date night, that has vegan options and a ton of vegetarian options is BJ’s Restaurant in Tyson’s Corner. Please do not get me started on this spot. EVERYTHING they produce is greatness, they specialize in this world-renowned dessert called, “the Pizookie” (not vegan) but geeze let us not get me started on their avocado eggrolls, my mouth is watering as I am typing.

Ok enough about food, my 2 cents is this, “whatever you do, especially if you are trying to maintain a strict plant based lifestyle, don’t be afraid to ask chefs / waiters or waitresses if they can substitute ingredients”, this is very important, and don’t forget to ask what’s in there ingredients because I find the more I eat out, dairy seems to creep its way in every meal.


My take away is this, guys this journey into veganism is not what you think, it is actually easier than what we make it. The only thing I ask is that you put a little elbow grease, TLC (tender love and care) and effort into this journey and I know you will produce greatness. Why am I saying this? I am practicing what I’m preaching, and I AM producing greatness in every bite. Until next time.


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